The Self-Destructive Politics of the Regressive Left

Note: This post was authored by Caine Green

Identity politics has taken control of the hearts and minds of many people in this country. In this system, your race, sex, and sexuality are supposed to define your values. It’s quite literally the opposite of judging someone by the content of their character.

Try being a black conservative without being alienated by your peers. In the minds of the identitarians, if you’re old and white you’re a racist bigot, and if you’re young and black, you’re a victim. There are people who seriously believe that a homeless white man has more “privilege” than Obama. These thoughts are manifestations of the regressive left’s attempts to tribalize minorities through the perpetual indoctrination of readers through sites such as The Huffington Post, Fusion, and Salon. However, their success in this perverted goal of self-marginalization has backfired in the worst way possible; the tribalization of white people.

The reason policies such as affirmative action have been able to survive lies in the psychology of white people leading up to the current year. Unlike African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics, white people haven’t seen themselves as a group separate from the identity of being simply American. Rather, as Americans, white people (mainly those with liberal leanings) have viewed others as people in need of help, subject to centuries worth of disadvantages. The use of identity politics linked with anti-white rhetoric is causing a shift in the mindset of many white people. While initially without distinction, white people are beginning to view themselves as not only Americans, but white Americans. The “white identity” politics of the alt-right wouldn’t be on the media’s radar if the regressive left hadn’t given them a rallying cry.

Growing up, I never saw myself as white or male – I saw myself as an invididual. While a liberal will predictably cite this as evidence of my “privilege,” those parts of me simply never seemed relevant. I was just Caine. One of my favorite articles from The Huffington Post, “Dear White People, Your Safety Pins are Embarrassing” is a prime example of the self-destructive nature of identity politics. The author suggested that white people should sit in their guilt, and should feel bad for being the only demographic Trump won rather than wearing a safety pin to identify with the fearful minorities. I’m not suggesting Trump is a shining example of what our country should be, but the article convinced me that the regressive left had zero interest in promoting values of freedom and equality, but rather in promoting sexism and racism.

Undoing the damage done by such rhetoric will make for an incredible challenge, but until we begin looking at ourselves as people with our own stories, people with equal rights under the law, and people who deserve respect indiscriminate of whatever we may be, the problem will only be compounded.

Identity politics is getting so insane that I wouldn’t be surprised if we got to the point where people are so far into social justice that they’d defend a terrorist shot and killed by police while in the middle of an attack simply because they were a person of color killed by the police.

Oh wait

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