This Week In Intellectual Insanity #1

This post was authored by Austin Henshaw

Last week in my “The Death of Logic and Reason in the University” piece, I highlighted several examples of postmodern “scholarship” from the @RealPeerReview Twitter page, with examples including “a regime of rationality” being used to dismiss feminist scholarship and the scientific method being “androcentric” and needing to be abolished to be more friendly towards “feminist science.” This week I’ll be highlighting other gems from the masterpiece of a Twitter account to showcase just how far academia has fallen.


“The fact that most females are women and most males are men needs to be explained.” This is truly groundbreaking work, arguing the reality of biological sex is merely a social construction. By that logic, are diseases that disproportionately impact men or women also conforming to a cisgender, binarist paradigm of social constructionism, and can just be ignored? If an individual undergoes sex reassignment surgery, can they just ignore the reality of their chromosomes and biological sex, as it’s merely a social construction? Ignoring the reality of biological sex can cause serious harm.


Evolutionary biology is framed by “ableist and speciesist assumptions.” Sorry Darwin, your idea of “natural selection” clearly favored more fit species, and species that are still extant today need to check their privilege.


Ever engaged in masturbation as a cisgender, heterosexual male? Then you too may be guilty of engaging in “hegemonic masculinity” in your “repronormative time”. Clearly natural biological actions are examples of oppression.


Here we see the harm caused by fat activists who push concepts like “Health At Every Size.” where you can be a 5’8 female who weighs over 300 lbs. but still be perfectly healthy. Despite all of the negative biochemical consequences of excess adiposity, and the life expectancy in the United States recently dropping, largely as a result of obesity. Of course the scientific method is largely an “androcentric” construct, so obviously the science can be ignored.


Taking notes while taking trips to the bathroom is now an entirely appropriate example of methodological inquiry, incredibly rigorous. Maybe while they were in the bathroom they could have written a paper on the “performance of toilets”, since that seems like a serious form of scholarship as well.


Oh, it totally is…

Hating on capitalism and obsessing over patriarchy can make you less employable. Who knew?


Ever wondered how to tip when watching “genderfuck” performances? This handy academic paper has you covered!


Maybe because recognizing LGBT rights and gender equality does actually make Western societies better? Though I guess with “cultural relativity”, we really shouldn’t judge. You can’t defend LGBT rights and gender equality with some other nefarious, sinister motive.


Finally, there is this amazing piece of scholarship from Judith Butler, the second most-cited scholar in the social sciences, who also believes biological sex is just a social construction. This piece received the Bad Writing Contest award in the late 1990’s.

Stay tuned until next week for more examples of intellectual insanity in academia!



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