The First Big Hate Crime of 2017 is Anti-Trump

This post was authored by Austin Henshaw

The first big hate crime in 2017 to get viral attention? Four Black Lives Matter radicals kidnapping a mentally disabled white man, and putting it on Facebook Live while shouting “Fuck Donald Trump! Fuck White People!”

This event prompted #BLMKidnapping on Twitter, which is trending at the time of writing this. The video was also posted on YouTube, but has been removed for “violating YouTube’s policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams”, because that totally makes sense given the context. Louder With Crowder provides other video links on their article regarding this crime. Warning for graphic and disturbing content.

Chicago Commander Kevin Duffin has yet to call the incident a hate crime, saying, “Kids make stupid mistakes. I shouldn’t call them kids, they are legally adults, but they are young adults and they make stupid decisions. This certainly will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime, determine whether or not this is sincere or stupid ranting and raving.”

Meanwhile, Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson dismissed the case as not being politically motivated “I think part of it is just stupidity. People ranting about something they think might make a headline. At this point we don’t have anything concrete to point (towards a hate crime) but we’ll keep investigating and let the facts guide us on how this concludes.”

Despite clear evidence that this was racially and politically motivated, local authorities thus far have refused to acknowledge that. Unfortunately politically motivated crimes have been on the increase in recent years, with a 250% increase in police officer “ambush” attacks from 2015 to 2016.

Racism is a legitimate problem and it’s clear that racial tensions have only gotten worse in recent years, but it must be confronted no matter the source. Despite claims that racism can’t come from “people of color” because “racism = power + prejudice” according to academic social justice theory, it is heinous no matter who the victim or the perpetrator is. Refusing to even acknowledge this as a hate crime when it clearly is does no favors for anyone interested in improving the racial climate.


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