Fifteen Ethnic Minority Groups Out-Earn Whites in America

One of the various “evidences” of so-called “white privilege” is the economy disparity between whites and various minority groups.

See for example the chart below, comparing the median net worth of white households to black and Hispanic households.

Here’s another showing the racial disparity in terms of income:


I should mention that I was a bit generous when I said that whites are compared to “various minority groups” in proving “white privilege.” It’s almost always only compared to blacks and Hispanics. Conservatives often fire back that Asians outperform whites on the same metrics but they aren’t the only hard. They hardly are however. Many minority ethnic groups out-earn white Americans:



Now imagine how insulting it is telling Indian Americans to “check their Indian privilege.” Statistical disparities alone aren’t proof of discrimination or “privilege.”

So what’s the cause of these economic disparities? There are hundreds of factors at play, but we can be pretty sure that “privilege” isn’t one of them.

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