Please Stop Making Me Defend Donald Trump

This post was authored by Peter Martuneac

Can I please get back to hating Trump for legitimate reasons?

I enjoyed calling him out for his callous indifference towards impoverished military veterans. It was fun to reveal to NRA members how Trump supported Clinton’s “assault” weapons ban and the unconstitutional ‘no-fly, no-buy’ gun policy. And speaking of the Constitution, Trump doesn’t think our 4th Amendment rights matter very much. Trump is also a pig who says terrible things about women, and I don’t even feel the need to link that to an article because we all know to what I incident I’m referring. And this is hardly even scratching the surface of all the legitimate reasons to be disgusted with our new President.

With an endless supply of valid criticisms of The Donald, do we have to endure all the hyperbolic hysteria, all the fake news, and all the slanderous misinformation coming from Leftists? The man hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and he’s already faced numerous attacks from the newly Russiaphobic left (yes, we remember when Obama laughed at Mitt Romney for his negative view of Russia).

And then today I wake up to a trending Buzzfeed article suggesting Russia has some serious dirt on Trump that they intend to use to manipulate him. The article was later edited to emphasize that the report was unverified and perhaps not ever verifiable. But if that is the case, why even report on it in the first place?

What happened to journalistic standards? There are so many things that are verifiable and true for which we can hate Trump together. I’m right there with you in the shame and embarrassment of having that clown as our Commander-in-Chief. So please, cut the crap, and stop making me defend Donald Trump.

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