Leftists Try to Tank Uber for no Good Reason

The left seems to hate Uber, and for no good reason. According to the Financial Times:
“An internet campaign urging passengers to “#deleteUber” that went viral over the weekend has started to have an impact on downloads…the recent uproar was sparked by the company’s ties to the Trump administration, as chief executive Travis Kalanick serves on President Donald Trump’s business advisory council.”
So merely being associated with Donald Trump is reason enough to try to tank the company apparently. Never mind, of course, that Uber vocally opposed Donald Trump’s recent immigration order and said that it would compensate drivers who were affected.
And never mind all the other good that Uber has done. Consider the following,
Smart et al. (2015) found that, in low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Uber services were twice as fast and half as expensive as traditional taxis.
Cramer and Krueger (2016) found that “UberX drivers spend a significantly higher fraction of their time, and drive a substantially higher share of miles, with a passenger in their car than do taxi drivers.”
In fact, “For every mile that taxi drivers in Los Angeles drives with a passenger in the car, they drive 1.46 miles without a passenger; the comparable figure for UberX drivers is 0.56 mile. This difference likely translates to greater traffic congestion and wasteful fuel consumption.”
Peck (2017) finds that the introduction of Uber lead to a “20-30% decrease in the alcohol-related collision rate,” in New York City and Greenwood and Wattal (2015) found that Uber’s entrance into markets in California led to a “significant drop” in the rate of alcohol-related motor homicides.
Individuals who would have otherwise driven drunk simply took Uber. The author’s results implied that a “complete [national] implementation of Uber X would create a public welfare net of over 1.3 billion to American taxpayers and save roughly 500 lives annually.”
So despite the enormous amount of good the company has done, it apparently deserves to be boycotted because the chief executive dares to serve on President Donald Trump’s business advisory council. How childish.

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