Congressional Candidate Doesn’t Understand How Gravity Works

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, meet Brianna Wu, a transgender woman who decided after Donald Trump’s presidential victory that she’d run for a congressional seat in the greater Boston area. Wu is the CEO of Giant Spaceckat, a video game production company she founded that has produced just one single game (which looks like it was produced in the 1980s) in the past seven years. It’s one of many ventures during her career, the first being an animation studio she founded when her parents gave her $200,000 at age 20. Despite that fact, she’s a champion of identity politics, never hesitating to brand anyone who disagrees with her as “privileged.”


Wu gained her status as a public figure because of harassment she received from criticizing the “GamerGate” scandal (about which there’s probably a one percent chance you’ve ever heard), and as such, is running on a platform that focuses on privacy rights and online harassment.

Regardless of the legitimacy of her claims of victimhood (anyone familiar with Wu knows she has a bit of a reputation for being a “professional victim“),¬†she should bank on sticking to those issues, because she’s ventured from them on her Twitter feed the other day, and her comments have understandably been turning heads.

The comment in question has to do with how she believes the moon will eventually be a feared weapon of war. Why? Because people can drop rocks off of it, sending them rocketing towards Earth! Just ignore the lack of gravity in space (or that rocks would burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere) and it makes perfect sense.



Well, at least someone is willing to save us from the moon rocks.

As you’d expect, she ended up deleting the Tweet in question, but that didn’t stop the mockery from continuing to pile on.



During the last presidential campaign, Democrats forfeited their ability to portray themselves as the Party of the working man, and if Wu wins her race, hopefully they’ll stop pretending to be the Party of science too.

Oh – and her excuse for it all? Sexism, because why not. Wait, wasn’t she born a…never mind.


Hopefully she wins. We could all use the entertainment.


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