How ANTIFA Falsely Accused Me Of Terror To The FBI To Destroy My Life, Liberty, & Engagement

Note: This post was initially published on GotNews. Jack requested that I (Matt Palumbo) republish and share his story.

My name is Jack Buckby. My fiancée and I are under FBI investigation after ANTIFA made a false tip, claiming that I am a terrorist and our engagement is a sham.

In 2012, I was expelled from university in Britain for being ‘right wing’. This year, I hit national headlines when I triggered a university student on live television:

My fiancée is Martina Markota, a performance artist in New York City. For the last 10 years, Martina has been incredibly popular and has performed in a number of prestigious NYC venues. In August of last year, Martina went public with her conservatism. On social media pages that used her real name, and not her stage name, Martina discussed her support for Trump and her conservative, libertarian views.

ANTIFA picked up on this and included her in an article about Gavin McInnes’ ‘Proud Boys’ group, claiming she supported Nazism. They began contacting her employers and coworkers.

Burlesque dancers and performance artists in her community heard about it, and immediately turned on her. They began a targeted campaign to get her fired and expelled from a community she had helped build for over a decade. Suddenly, Martina was a ‘fascist’ and ‘neo-Nazi’ who didn’t deserve to be booked or hired ever again.

A community of radical leftists and ‘progressive’ activists turned on Martina, pressuring her main employer to fire her, and her agent to stop booking her. Martina was fired and has not been booked for any work for over a month now. This means that both of us are suffering financially because of our political beliefs.

Since the inauguration, this community of performers have collaborated with ANTIFA to go one step further – their aim is to literally destroy our lives. As well as damaging Martina’s career, ANTIFA now appears to be hell-bent on destroying our relationship.

On February 8th, we received a phone call from the FBI.

We were informed that they had received information that I was planning terrorist activity in the United States, and that our relationship was a sham to obtain a green card. Naturally, the FBI must take these tips seriously – however, it has meant that I have mysteriously been revoked access to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. I have used this program to enter the United States multiple times per year, for at least four years.

I have been reluctant to make this information public, as I hate to give these fascists any of my attention. I refuse, however, to sit idly by while these people do everything they can to destroy me.

ANTIFA has hit a new low. As well as going after decent peoples’ livelihoods, and physically attacking people in the street, they are now attempting to ban conservatives from the country, have me investigated for ‘terrorism’ (which is clearly a ludicrous claim) and ruin our relationship.

Martina and I found each other because we both intend to lead a traditional, conservative life. We genuinely support Trump’s vision – we believe in returning to the values that really did make America great, and we just want to live a happy life and raise healthy children.

I am now forced to go through a visa application process, and potentially hire lawyers to solve this issue. I am unable to even visit Martina while we go through this. I just want to go to America to and meet her family.

Our friends at WeSearchr have been kind enough to create a bounty to help the crowdfunding of fighting this battle. It was a difficult decision to make this information public, but we have been encouraged to tell this story and give our friends the opportunity to help us fight.



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